Course Description


Intended for Google G Suite users and developers, this 5-day course provides students with the skills required to design, build, test, deploy, and modify App Maker applications.

G Suite users will learn how to quickly create App Maker applications without writing a single line of code or script, while developers delve into App Maker’s “low-coding” scripting techniques.

The course assumes that students have no experience using App Maker and takes them through introductory concepts and terminology all the way through building any type of application, from simple applications to extremely complex ones.

During this course students build an actual robust business application, starting with simple functions and then enhancing the application with more complex features and functions as the course progresses. Students will learn how to create applications from scratch, or by starting with Google App Maker templates, or Google App Maker example apps.

The course is very “hands-on”.  Instructors introduce topics one at a time, and then guide students through detailed step-by-step exercises as they begin to build their application.

Students will receive hard and soft (online PDF) copies of our proprietary App Maker Configuration Training Manual and a copy of the App Maker application they build during the course.


Students must bring their own laptop to the class and are expected to have the following prerequisite skills…

  • Basic Computer, E-mail, and Web Browsing Skills
  • Basic Gmail and Google Drive skills (helpful but not required)


The following topics will be covered…

  • Introduction to App Maker
    • What is App Maker?
    • Why Use App Maker?
    • Where are Applications Stored?
    • Where is Data Stored?
    • Who Can Use App Maker Applications?
  • App Maker Basics
    • Template Apps
    • Data Models
    • Pages and Widgets
    • Scripts
  • App Development Process
  • Design Process and Best Practices
  • Logging Into App Maker
  • Navigating App Maker
    • App Maker Building Blocks
      • Data Models
      • Pages and Widgets
      • Scripts
    • Data Models
      • Google Drive Tables
        • Fields
        • Datasources
        • Relations
        • Events
        • Security
      • Calculated Data Models
        • Query Script
        • SQL
    • Pages and Widgets
      • Pages vs. Page Fragments
      • Data Widgets
      • Input Widgets
      • Display Widgets
      • Layout Widgets
      • Charts
      • Page Fragments
      • Images
    • Scripts
      • Client Scripts
      • Server Scripts
  • Building An Application
    • Overview
    • Building a Help Page
    • Building a Settings Page
    • Building Data Entry Pages
    • Building Edit, Delete and View Pages
    • Adding User Navigation
    • Building Advanced Pages
    • Creating a Workflow
    • Adding Recurring Tasks
    • Adding Scheduled Jobs
    • Adding Charts
    • Adding Signatures
    • Adding Notes, Links, and Attachments
    • Adding Notifications, Reminders and Escalations
    • Adding an Audit Trail
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Securing an Application
  • Testing an Application
  • Deploying an Application
  • Revising an Application
  • Integrating with Other Google Apps
  • Integrating with Non-Google Apps
  • Resources
    • Self-Help Resources
    • Working with Tech Support