Here’s What Students* Are Saying About Their Learning Experience…

* Quotes may relate to other training courses we have developed and delivered (i.e. not our App Maker class)

“The manual is well laid out and easy to follow. It will be a great reference resource.”
— Software Student | Standard Textile

“Our instructor explains things in a very clear, easy to understand manner. He’s patient, good humored and obviously has a talent for teaching. A+!”
— Software Student | LCRA

“The materials were professionally put together and very easy to use. I’m confident that 6 months down the road when I actually get ready to use the product, I can just look through my materials and be able to complete any task I need to.”
— Shelly Martin | Alyeska

“Instructor was really good at explaining and was easy to understand.”
— Software Student | Honeywell

“The training material was clear and easy to follow, especially the exercises.”
— Software Student | Brooks

“I thought the training manuals were put together very well. They include a lot of valuable content and exercises to refer back to. They are well organized which makes it very easy to quickly find the information I’m looking for.”
— Software Student | Ethicon Endo Surgery

— Software Student | Ethicon

“The books are great, very organized and will allow for easy reference in the future.”
— Mike Place | Oliver Medical

“My expectations were exceeded. I have a high confidence that the training materials are very well prepared. When comparing with other training materials I have used in my career I think these have to be on the top as far as clarity, easy to understand and brevity.”
— Roberto Ortiz | Maquet Cardiovascular

“The book gives step by step demonstration, therefore it’s easy to follow even for a naive person.”
— Software Student | Siemens Mobility

“It’s clear that a lot of time was spent ensuring the training materials accurately reflected the course content and thoroughly described the various fields and functions in CATSWeb. The book was well organized and very easy to follow, and the exercises were clearly presented and free of errors.”
— Software Student | Penumbra

“It exceeded my expectations. The information was presented in a way that was easy to process and replicate.”
— Software Student | Axsun

“Our instructor makes the material easy to learn by being funny and keeping everyone interested. I have been to numerous training courses and have to say that our instructor was by far one of the best I have had.”
— Software Student | KMG Chemicals

“Training material was easy to follow and flowed from topic to topic.”
— Software Student | Sandia

“Our instructor was easy to listen to, for a person who is not real computer minded, it was a relief to be able to follow along.”
— Software Student | LifeNet

“Our instructor is very knowledgable of the product and has a presentation style that easily transfers that knowledge to her learners. She also brings a great sense of humor and is very easy to ‘connect’ with.”
— Software Student | Siemens Medical

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable and made it very easy to learn. She was very clear and precise on her explanations, which made it easier to learn the material.”
— Software Student | PG&E

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a easy to understand fashion with comedic delivery at times.”
— Software Student | Spectrum Brands

“The material is clear & easy to reference. It increased my comfort & confidence with the class & subject matter because I believe the materials will be a terrific reference tool after the course.”
— Tony Zito | Siemens Industrial

“This training went well above and beyond my expectations. Our instructor was not only extremely knowledgeable, but was engaged, easy to understand, and kept the class interesting.”
— Software Student | KMG Chemicals

“…very clear, easy to follow.”
— Software Student | Brooks

“The step by step approach of explaining the concepts and features made it very easy to fill the gaps in my understanding of CATSWeb.”
— Software Student | CyberTech Systems And Software Inc.

“Well organized. Exercises are detailed and easy to follow.”
— Software Student | PQ Corporation

“…very thorough and easy to follow.”
— Dawn Ackroyd | Mercury

“I felt it was easy to comprehend from a user’s end.”
— Software Student | First Energy

“Our instructor’s understanding and ability to interact with the group made the learning and understanding easy.”
— Software Student | Northeast Utilities

“Very good overall training made easy to understand and follow.”
— Susan McCormack | Benchmark

“Everything was great. The books are easy to read and I was able to use them outside of the class.”
— Marilu Amaya | Spacelabs

“Our instructor has a very good attitude and even made the higher level items easy to understand…one of the better trainers I have ever had.”
— Brian Riley | Siemens Postal Automation

“The accurate instructions made it clear and easy.”
— Software Student | Sask

“The training books are very detailed in information, making it easy for me to learn as I’m doing to the exercises.”
— Denise Pittman | IID

“The exercises were easy to follow and allowed us to be more knowledgable on the topic.”
— Software Student | SunPower

“The training materials were extremely easy to follow.”
— Software Student | Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

“The workshops are well done, and easy to follow.”
— Software Student | Gemalto

“Very informational. Our instructor was easy to understand and helped us interpret CATSWeb “lingo.”
— Software Student | Graham Field Health Products

“Very thorough, book content easy to digest.”
— Software Student | Spectranetics

“The book is very detailed and has a lot of useful information. Instructor is easy to follow.”
— Software Student | SIO2

“Examples well thought out…flow of information made learning easy.”
— Software Student | AVX

Cross Texas Transmission
“Our instructor explained everything very well which made it easy to understand.”

“I thought the training was complete and easy to understand.”
— Software Student | DRT Power Systems, LLC

“I expected it to be more difficult than our instructor made it. It is a challenging piece of software but his teaching skills really made it easy to absorb.
— Software Student | Duquesne Light Company

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject and answered all questions with easy to understand examples.
— Software Student | Lorillard Tobacco Company

“Our trainer had an excellent knowledge of the product and very easy flow of delivering the information.
— Software Student | Duquesne Light Company

“I wish all our software vendors were so thorough with their materials and training! …excellent job covering the material and answering our questions. The training materials are excellent.”
— Anita Leslie | Genzyme

“…all facets of the training were perfect 10’s. The curriculum was well-written, detailed, and user friendly. This was the best offsite training I’ve ever taken.”
— Jeanne A. Bowen | Benchmark Electronics

“Truly, one of the best, most knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever had. You are blessed to have him teaching for you.”
— Software Student | Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

“In all my years of training this was the best.”
— Software Student | Watlow Electric

“The class conveyed a great deal of information in a very condensed amount of time with great effect.”
— Software Student | Xoran Technologies

“Great teacher and very approachable.”
— Software Student | Angiotech Pharmaceuticals

“Content was delivered at an excellent pace.”
— Software Student | Xoran Technologies

“The book was the best training book for a software system I have seen and I have had training for 4+ software systems.”
— Software Student | Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc.

“The documentation is outstanding. All aspects are well defined and documented, and includes tips and tricks to the entire system and its functions.”
— Software Student | IWCO Direct

“The materials have good examples on how to do what is needed.”
— Software Student | GF Health Products, Inc.

“The training materials were very defined and easy to follow.”
— Software Student | Gibson BioScience

“Books were well organized.”
— Software Student | Incisive Surgical

“Very clear and precise documentation.”
— Software Student | Thermo Fisher Scientific